Undo Bias Consulting was founded by Zenique Gardner-Perry and James Meinert as a joint effort to address issues of bias in organizations. Both Zenique and James were separately being asked to facilitate anti-bias and anti-racism trainings and both realized their greater potential working together. UBC combined has over two decades of experience in participating in and facilitating anti-oppression trainings and workshops with diverse groups. Zenique is also the program manager for Prevention Education at Safe Connections, focused on ending relationship violence and sexual assault in our communities. James is also an urban farmer with Bee Simple City Farm where he loves growing beautiful food.


Undo Bias is committed to helping organizations go beyond simple diversity and inclusion efforts. Too often trainings are "one and done" to meet some external expectations. UBC seeks to go beyond surface level trainings and works alongside organizations to take the steps needed to reduce racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression. We seek to support organizations of all sizes to examine and change internal patterns and dynamics of oppression that affect both their day to day reality and their overall ability to meet larger goals.

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