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James Meinert


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James Meinert is a facilitator, educator, and trainer who works with organizations ready to address the ways race and gender dynamics impact their operations. James consults with leadership and offers training to personnel to shift the organizational culture towards one that is more inclusive and equitable. James knows that it is time for white people to start more competently addressing issues of race and for men to start taking initiative against gender inequity in all areas of their lives. James believes that it is in everyone’s interest for organizations and companies to address inequity internally but that we all could use some support and accompaniment when taking on hard things.

Along with that work, he is the local director and organizer of the Men’s Story Project, a project that brings critical dialogue on social ideas about masculinity into public forums. James is also an adjunct professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and was honored for excellence in classroom instruction. James has been a lead facilitator for the YWCA’s Witnessing Whiteness, organized with Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation (OWMCL), was a long term member of the Anti-Racism Organizing Collective and a Prevention Educator for Safe Connections. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Women and Gender Studies from Saint Louis University. Not to be forgotten, James is also a parent to Autumn, a partner to Mary, a musician and a small-scale farmer.

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