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Melanie Powell-Robinson


Collaborative Leadership Facilitator

Melanie Powell-Robinson serves leaders, organizations, and teams through her dedication to community engagement and advocacy for equity, justice, and inclusion both professionally and socially.

Melanie’s dedication to community advocacy began in middle school but strengthened soon after her graduation from high school while attending college. There she became a very vocal activist against actions and philosophies that limit the rights of minorities and began dedicating her time to advocating for the social, emotional, physical, and financial health of systemically excluded groups and communities.

Melanie continues to champion equity and justice by sitting on boards and committees in the St. Louis area; has led a diversity non-profit as Executive Director; and served as the Executive Director of Communications, Marketing and Engagement for a school district heavily impacted socially, financially, and academically by the student transfer law and community unrest following the killing of Michael
Brown Jr.

Melanie currently works as an executive coach, equity communications advisor, and JEDI consultant through her company Revisioned Connections. In addition, she partners closely with consultants who support efforts to shift organizational culture and build team alliances for all groups, especially those with traditionally marginalized voices. 
Through consulting and coaching, Melanie has worked with some of the most dynamic leaders whose organizations serve the physical and emotional needs of the community in the region.

Melanie Powell-Robinson has a B.S. in Psychology from St. Louis University and M.A. in Management and Leadership from Webster University.

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