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  • We offer organizational analysis and anti-oppression strategizing to help you think through the steps your organization needs to take to reduce the harm from racism and other oppressions.

  • We provide skilled facilitation for groups of people from diverse backgrounds. We provide all staff anti-oppression/anti-racism trainings that support the ongoing, deeper organizational work.

  • ​Leadership is important for every initiative. We support the organizational leaders through diversity coaching and specific, intensive trainings.

  • Doing anti-racism work is different for people of color from white people. We lead racial caucus groups to develop analysis and capacity around racism without further burdening staff of color.

  • Your staff often knows best what areas of oppression need to be addressed internally. We offer qualitative data analysis to decide how to move forward with institutional wisdom.

  • Change work cannot only come from outside of an institution. We develop and guide internal change committees to push the work from within.

Anti-Racism vs. Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to do anti-racism and anti-oppression work rather than strict diversity and inclusion work. The difference, as we understand it, is that diversity and inclusion work is focused on changing the faces around the table from predominantly (or all) white to multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-age etc. We think diversity and inclusion work is very important, but what we have seen is that if an organization makes that the end goal, it is very possible that they will have a rotating door of diversity if marginalized employees feel as if they are being tokenized.

To truly diversify, an organization has to pay attention to the impacts of race, gender, religion etc. Because of this, we take an anti-racism, anti-oppression direction. This leads people at an organization to begin to develop their own ability to see and interrupt oppression when it is happening and initiate changes to the culture, the structures, and the policies that maintain racism or oppression. We believe that when an anti-racist, anti-oppression direction is taken, an organization will diversify, and the people brought on will be more committed to that organization.


We don't list rates because we aspire to work with every organization's budget. Racism will not be ended if anti-racism work cannot be afforded. We do have a sliding scale approach based on the size and capacity of the organizations we are working with. If you would like more information, contact us about what services you are interested in. Every training or session we offer is at least tailored for your organization and often custom designed.

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