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Natalie Gaviria

Lead Facilitator


Natalie Gaviria is an anti-racism facilitator who believes that the only way out of this mess of racism is “through” and that together, we can do hard things. Natalie is particularly passionate about supporting young people and challenging adultism and the ways that it intersects with racism. She works to ensure that people have shared power and trust and is especially considerate about that for young folks. She knows that one of her roles as a facilitator is to invite those targeted by oppression (racism, sexism, adultism, etc.) to set boundaries as a form of self-advocacy and autonomy. Natalie works for intergenerational movements for justice because "It’s important for young people to see adults trying, messing up, and making mistakes; modeling what the world should be like in our communities."

Natalie advocates for white people to give their money away, to follow the leadership of Black & Brown folks, and to be in right relationships with self and others. She always works to name her errors and ask for support. "If white people don’t engage in this work, it is disingenuous to our spirit because why would we want to live in a place where we are actively harming others?"

Natalie has a Master in Social Work from the University of Denver. 

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